Draft LB Bill v.2

We are delighted to share with you Draft 2 of the LB Bill today, on the eve of the 2015 General Election (Wed 6 May).

For transparency we have left all the information on Draft One below (scroll down). We have also included a pdf version with the changes between Draft 1 and Draft 2 highlighted.

There are six documents you can download and read (right click on the image).

Book One: About the #LBBill


Book Two: What we want the #LBBill to say


Quick Guide: A quick guide to the ideas in the #LBBill

Quick Guide Cover

Explanatory notes about Draft Two of the #LBBill:

Explanatory notes cover

Draft Two of the #LBBill:

LBBill Draft 2 Cover

Draft One of the #LBBill with tracked changes that make up Draft Two:

LBBill Draft 2 w edits cover

What follows below is Draft One of the LBBill published in November 2014

The first draft of the LB Bill was launched at the start of November.

We have been really pleased with the discussion and comments so far.

We look forward to more discussion about how the law needs to change.

We think there are two key things that must change. We wish to:

  1. make it a legal reality for disabled people to be fully included in their communities
  2. make it harder for the State to force disabled people to leave their homes against their wishes, or the wishes of their families.

There are five documents you can download and read (right click on the image).

Book One: About the #LBBill


Book Two: What we want the #LBBill to say


Word Bank – a glossary that explains some terms


We also have full text versions if you’d prefer.

Explanatory Notes about the #LBBill

LBBill Explanatory Notes

Draft One of the #LBBill

First draft LBBill

This really is a first draft and we are seeking your thoughts, comments and feedback.

The draft will change in response to what you tell us and we will write a new version early in 2015.

Please download the documents, share them far and wide, and let us know what you think.

You can tweet us @JusticeforLB, discuss it on our facebook group, or send us an email to LBBillFeedback@gmail.com.

Our campaign has been entirely crowdsourced, we are relying on interested people to help us develop what the #LBBill should say. Please share your ideas with us about how you will collect views and input, so we can share those ideas with others.

Please pledge your support for the principles of the Bill here so we can make it to our first 1,000. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Draft LB Bill v.2

  1. […] Wow, what a weekend of #bankholidayactivism. Ever since the #JusticeforLB campaign evolved/emerged/was born (still not sure which of these is most true) we’ve been blown away by the responsiveness of people. This weekend proved no exception and we’re delighted to now share that slightly over 25% of all MPs in Westminster have been contacted about the #LBBill. […]


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