What is LB Bill? Easy Read overview

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You can download this overview to share with people here.

We would like to thank the many people who have helped us to produce accessible documents about the LB Bill.

This overview was put together by Kaliya of People First England with Philipa, Jez, Dan and the Words to Pictures Team at Change, with financial support from Alicia and the Housing and Support Alliance.


10 thoughts on “What is LB Bill? Easy Read overview

  1. I’m afraid I do not understand, what Bill abut.

    if you are to be prevented from living at home, under MCA 05 a deprivatin of liberty order must be got from Court of Protection by social services showing it is in best interests.

    This is all a form filling exercise, and courts are all clogged up and under resourced ,and MOJ want to privatise them so it will only get worse, so rubber stamp whatever LA want.

    This will be to remove, and encage, as they are in with the rich venture capitalists, who own the homes and provide the cheap zero hour , itinerant staff. This is why 3 people with disabilities now die per day in such care.

    The gov policy is to use the disabled as cashcows and LA, SS. GPs .courts are all enforcing this ..

    How can this Bill HELP these people …… I must be missing something ???


    • Hi Finola – at the moment we are asking everyone to tell us their ideas for what should go in the Bill to change the law to stop these things happening.

      Soon we will put out a first draft of the Bill with our ideas about what will work- again asking everyone to comment. So if you have ideas about what would work now, please say – otherwise please tell us what you think when you see the draft Bill.


      • It is of great concern to me, that NAS spent a lot of time and money for the past 6 years campaigning, advising, and lobbying Parliament for the Autism Act, yet the fate of the autistic, particularly after 18, appears worse, under the MCA.

        Also SEN statements have been removed generally after 16, so that the huge advantage of regular away all day from home, normal school provision, has been replaced by ad hoc education package provision for independent skills, which these children already have. So they have lost their social life, education and of cause the much needed family respite, that school brings. Google my name and read my post on spying on Educational needs provision. Also respite centers for over 18’s appear no longer to exist. Effectively, there is now no community support for the disabled to allow them to stay with their family, other than often inappropriate, very expensive agency care by zero hour itinerant workers.

        It would appear, particularly in view of the fact that regardless of family and disabled’s wishes, the only route the LA are now able to pursue, is independent living and skills education, all the NAS money and lobbying has made things worse for the autistic and disabled generally. I therefore wonder, and worry about the effectiveness of this latest proposed Bill.

        The biggest horror is that 3 people a day with learning disabilities are dying needlessly, if it were any other sector of the community, there would be hopefully, even in these times, a media screech.

        The Bill does need, you can add to my post above, an extra right to an inquest automatically as well as a SCR on the unnatural death of anyone in care.

        Thank you for getting back to me. .


  2. From a purely practical perspective, the blue text on pale blue is quite difficult to read, for anyone with a visual impairment it may not be accessible.


  3. The main rights a disabled person, particularly the autistic or anyone who could be assessed as lacking capacity, is an enforceable right to be allowed to stay with family loved ones if available. This should be made a presumption on the back of HRA S8.

    At 18 parents rights should not disappear, but should continue, and only be interferred with if abuse shown by an independent, not connected with person who will benefit from the removal from home person,.
    or wanted by the disabled person

    A central check of the drugs should be made, and kept, so the medical care is independently monitored, not left to individual GP.

    GPs NHS should have to provide special services for the disabled and be paid by gov only if disabled state they are effectively being carried out.

    Coummunity services must be independent.The main problem is to gain independence of service and the disabled service user so they can remain within the community, in their own homes..

    Therefore, Families of disabled, and/or disabled themselves, should be given personal services budgets which are similar to the amounts that would be paid to the bodies, who would provide the services away from home.

    The courts of protection should be public unless exceptional and disabled person requests.

    The nonsense, cruelty, and danger of abuse, of independent away from family must be removed.

    Small community help should be encouraged.

    Charities must be made accountable, and the effectiveness of services monitored.

    Community centers, and respite centers, must be reinstated, as must SEN statements for the over 16’s .

    Projects of cooperatives and working communities in disability type villages where they live with own or foster families should be explored.

    The assisted suicide bill should not be allowed to apply to kill those who are inacable only those who are if they chose to die but would be better off without assisted suicide being legal.

    Mental Health Advocates should be a family member or friend first ,


  4. Are there any leaflet that can be given to those who are interested in the LB Bill? not everyone has access to a computer.

    Many thanks,



    • Sorry Julie, we dont have any budget at the moment. We are hoping to raise some money and then maybe able to produce leaflets. We’ll update the blog once we have anything. The Easy Read Summary can be printed on a home printer. We will see what else we can do but very much rely on people spreading the word. Thanks for your interest.


  5. Everything you have listed is extremely relevant and important. I am a carer for someone who lives in sheltered accommodation and has been re-billed for money he has already paid because the “carers” say there are no receipts! I suggested to my friend that he keep all receipts himself and inform his social worker of what was happening/ His Social worker has kept in touch and tells me that she is suspicious of them but as we have no proof, the deficit has to be paid! Perhaps including ensuring that all payments are to include a receipt for the person in care to keep in their own file, should be made statutory, to ensure this does not happen to others. PS The social worker has people looking into other incidents in the same group of flats now and thanks my young friend for drawing her attention to the matter.Hopefully this will now cease!


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