Ten days to (try to) change the law #LBBill #JusticeforLB

Another year and another chance to effect change through encouraging MPs to sponsor the #LBBill in the Private Members Bill Ballot.

The #LBBill is an idea to change the law for disabled people so that they have more control over what happens in their lives.

Last year we were unsuccessful in getting the bill sponsored but the events of the past twelve months have underlined how important, sadly, our proposed bill remains.

We need to promote the #LBBill to all MPs. You can read the latest draft by clicking here or on the tab at the top of the page. As with everything #JusticeforLB it has been developed organically and collaboratively, gathering feedback from far and wide including hundreds of disabled people, family members and allies. You can watch a short film (6 mins) about the #LBBill, where it came from and why it’s important here:

We need to contact as many MPs as possible to make them aware of the #LBBill and ask for their support in the Private Member’s Ballot. You can write to your MP via the WriteToThem website (it’ll even tell you who your MP is if you’re not sure); you could also tweet your MP and ask them to pledge their support to the Bill. If you’re unsure of what to say, you could include any of the following:

Please tell your MP that you support the #JusticeforLB campign and that you’re asking them to support a Private Members Bill drafted by the campaign.

Please also explain that supporters of the campaign have come together to draft a Bill which would promote and protect disabled people’s right to live in the community with choices equal to others and the support they need.

It has become known as ‘LB Bill’ in memory of Connor Sparrowhawk (who was known as LB or Laughing Boy).

Your MP might like to know that the Bill has had feedback from hundreds of disabled people, family members and allies.

The Bill has mass support, as you can see by clicking here or on the supporters tab above.

It builds on existing legislation, including the Care Act 2014.

Sign off encouraging your MP to support this Bill and why not ask them to encourage their colleagues to do so. Also encourage them, if they are eligible for and successful in the Private Members Bill ballot, to sponsor the Bill.

Thank you.

Pledge Poster

One thought on “Ten days to (try to) change the law #LBBill #JusticeforLB

  1. It was you Sara who inspired me to set up http://www.casualtiesofcare.uk after losing my beloved younger sister Robin Kitt Callender while she was living in a care home; casualtiesofcare.uk tells her story and documents our fight. Tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of her death. The Most Rev’d Archbishop of Canterbury has kindly agreed to pray for her tomorrow as will my local church.

    Thank you for showing me the way forward. I will be at a meeting with the General Medical Council on Thursday 26th May to promote awareness of the importance of involving the next of kin and close family members when treating those who lack the capacity to act in their own best interests. Please support our fight for “Robin’s Law.” I will of course be supporting the LB Bill.

    Kindest regards



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