What is LB Bill? Easy Read overview

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You can download this overview to share with people here.

We would like to thank the many people who have helped us to produce accessible documents about the LB Bill.

This overview was put together by Kaliya of People First England with Philipa, Jez, Dan and the Words to Pictures Team at Change, with financial support from Alicia and the Housing and Support Alliance.

LB Bill Timeline and Process

We wanted to share a post that outlines the steps we need to undertake to try and get the LB Bill into law.

September and October 2014


Steve will have a go at writing some words for the LB Bill, including what people have shared with him so far.

14 October 2014 This meeting has been postponed and will not now happen on 14 October but later this year, we will update this post when we have confirmation of the new date.

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A small group of people involved with LB Bill and JusticeforLB have been invited to a meeting called the All Party Parliamentary Group on Disability.

This is where politicians and people involved in making policy about disability come together.

We will launch our first draft of the LB Bill there. 6 Oct – We will be launching the first draft as soon as we have an easy read version available. It will be available here first.

Some people have asked us how they can give us money to help with the LB Bill campaign. You will be able to do that after 14 October.

We also hope that some newspapers and websites will want to talk to us about the LB Bill.

November and December 2014

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This is when we need people to meet up and discuss what they think of the LB Bill that we have written.

We will provide questions to help your thinking.

You may wish to think alone, or you may wish to meet in a group.

You can talk about the LB Bill anywhere you like, the more people who talk about it the better.


Once you have decided on what you think then you need to let us know what you agree with and what you disagree with.

We will let you know how to tell us, closer to the time.

January 2015


Steve and some helpers will look at everyone’s comments and have another go at writing the LB Bill.

February, March and April 2015

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At this point we need you to contact your local Member of Parliament (MP).

They represent your views and we need to make sure they know about the LB Bill.

7 May 2015


We all have a vote to choose who should run the country. The votes are collected at the General Election on 7 May 2015.

If someone asks you to vote for them, ask them what they think about LB’s Bill and make sure they know about it.

June 2015


We need as many MPs as we can get to support LB’s Bill. Every MPs name is put into a hat.

Twenty names are pulled out the hat.

If one of those is an MP who supports LB Bill, they can ask to change the law.

Help us

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If we work together we will hopefully be able to change the law, in memory of LB.

You can download the LB Bill Timeline and Process document with this information in, if you wish to share it with other people who are not online.

All icons freely available for public use from The Noun Project website.

What is the LB Bill all about?


This is Connor.

Connor was a young man. He needed extra help.
Connor was moved to an Assessment and Treatment Unit.
Connor died there. He was not sick.
We must stop this happening to other people.

Connor’s mum called Connor ‘Laughing Boy’, or LB.
There is a big campaign called #JusticeforLB.

The law did not help Connor.
So we need to change the law.
Parliament have to vote to change the law.
An MP can ask Parliament to change the law.
This is called a Private Members Bill.

We want to write a Private Members Bill.
For now we are calling it #LBBill.
This is in memory of Connor and all the other people who die for no reason.

A dad called Mark took his local council to court. He wanted his son to be able to live at home.
Mark said “if you want to stop someone living at home, you must go to court. You must prove why the person cannot live at home”.

We think that sounds a good idea.
We think it will stop people dying like Connor died.
We want it to be the law.
We want the law to keep people close to home.
We want people to get the support they need where they live.

Every year, a few MPs have their names picked from a hat.
These MPs can tell Parliament about a new law they want.
If other people like their idea, there is a chance it can become a new law.

We want the law to change
We need to agree what to put in the law
Then we need to get MPs to support us

Everyone will need to ask their MP to support #LBBill.
It may not work. But we have to try.

This post was written by Steve Broach and Anne Collis.