News on the #LBBill second draft

It is now four long months since the 12 Days of the #LBBill Christmas; we know we’ve been silent in that time here (there has been some discussion on twitter and facebook), but we thought blog readers were long overdue an update. Perhaps the most significant development has been the publication of the government consultation Green Paper: No voice unheard, no right ignored. Norman Lamb paid tribute to the #JusticeforLB team when he launched it (that includes you if you’re reading this and supporting the LBBill) and you can see our response here. So, what has happened for the LBBill in 2015 so far?

1) Feedback

We have spent time pouring over the feedback that you’ve all provided so far. You can see most of the feedback here, and there has been some sent by email. This has been absolutely critical to the process, we are insistent that the LBBill will represent what you tell us you would like, as far as we can bring all of that together. This is a crowdsourced bill, so your input really does matter.

LBBill Feedback Meeting

2) Meeting with interested people

Last month we held a meeting in London (with some joining by phone remotely) to bring together a group of interested people who had given us feedback. This group was made up of representatives from Disabled People’s Organisations, User-Led Organisations, Charities, Providers, Parents and Carers. We included as many people as the room would fit and we tried to make the group as diverse as possible. The meeting included people who had organised events to gather feedback on the first draft of the Bill, and we discussed that feedback to inform a second draft.

3) Discussion on- and offline

One of the joys of being involved with the LBBill is the enthusiasm for it, on and offline. So far this year people have spoken about the Bill at a number of events, conferences, discussions and workshops. These occasions have ranged from a self-advocate conference in Blackpool with karaoke, to online discussions in the early hours of the morning, to an All Party Parliamentary Group meeting in the House of Commons; every opportunity to discuss the Bill is important, we need more people to consider what a good, messy life for disabled people looks like.

LBBill Blackpool Conference

4) Draft 2

Following these meetings and events, the discussion and feedback was considered further and a Draft 2 was written. This draft should be available to share at the end of this month (April). We were ambitious and had initially hoped we could turn it around by the end of March but we are determined not to share a draft unless it is fully accessible, so we are taking a little longer to get the easy-read version right. Keep your eyes peeled but we should share something later this month.

5) LBBill Film

We are truly delighted to share with you this film which has been produced since Christmas. Filmed, edited and produced voluntarily by the awesome Luke Tchalenko, using footage from the November meeting, we hope that you find it useful and we’d like to see it shared far and wide:

So, even though we have been quiet on the blog, we hope you agree we’ve been busy and that we are making progress. The next stage in the process is for us to share Draft 2 (by the end of this month) and then to gather more feedback from you all.

There are also a number of occasions coming up where you can join a discussion about the LBBill. These include the Inclusion North event on National Politics and the LBBill which is taking place in Leeds on 28 April (please email Marie if you wish to attend) and the NWTDT | Pathways Associates CIC Green Paper consultation event in Preston on 12 May (please email Danielle if you wish to attend).

A new parliament will be formed in early May and we will then look to see what we can arrange around lobbying MPs, in the meantime if parliamentary candidates come knocking at your door, be sure to ask them what their policy is on supporting disabled people, and please do tell them about the LBBill.

Day 12: Twelve Days of Christmas #LBBill

As we come to the end of the #LBBill Twelve Days of Christmas, we wanted to do three things.

Firstly, we wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support and collaboration. It has always been our intention to crowdsource this campaign, to use the skills, knowledge, views and opinions of those who live and breathe this reality on a daily basis. No-one is claiming it’s the easiest approach, and I think its fair to say at times we have questioned why we do this to ourselves! However, it’s authentic and true and amazingly rewarding, not to mention useful, to see everyone contribute, discuss, debate and disagree with us. So, thank you, and please keep doing it into 2015.

We don’t have the resource to reply to all your emails and messages of support, but they are all read and all appreciated so thank you for those too. We can guarantee you that we are reading everything, and all feedback will be considered in early February.

If you’re just coming back to work today and you’ve twelve emails from us, please pace yourselves, you have until the end of the month, but we do really value your opinion and would love to hear from you.

Secondly, we wanted to reiterate the opportunities you have to hear about and discuss the #LBBill face to face in January. There are four and they were all listed on Day 14 of the #JusticeforLB Advent Calendar, so swing over there to find out more (they’re in London x2, Manchester and Leeds).

Thirdly, last but not least, we wanted to share some more responses that we received from families explaining why the #LBBill is important to them:

We are very grateful to those families who shared their thinking. For the purposes of the slideshare we had to heavily edit and just grab a sentence or two, but you can read their complete unabridged reasons here:

Why do we need the #LBBill v2


If you would like to add your voice to the campaign and share why it is important to you, then feel free to email us a photo and reason here. We will feature more people throughout the 2015 campaign.

Thank you all again and hopefully next Christmas we’ll be well on our way to making the world a better, happier and safer place.

Day 8: Twelve Days of Christmas #LBBill

Day 8 of the #LBBill Twelve Days of Christmas and it’s the first day of 2015, so we thought we’d focus on why the Bill is needed.

A couple of days ago we asked you to share with us your thinking. Today we have a slideshare from four families to explain why the #LBBill is important to them

We are very grateful to those families who shared their thinking. For the purposes of the slideshare we had to heavily edit and just grab a sentence or two, but you can read their complete unabridged reasons here:Screenshot 2015-01-01 13.13.18

If you would like to add your voice to the campaign and share why it is important to you, then feel free to email us a photo and reason here. We will feature more people at the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and throughout the 2015 campaign.

We hope that 2015 proves to be a very successful year for all of you, and especially for the #LBBill. Thanks again for all the support.


What is LB Bill? Easy Read overview

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.10.13

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.10.02Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.09.51

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.09.42

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.09.33

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.09.21

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.09.10

Screenshot 2014-09-28 18.08.59


You can download this overview to share with people here.

We would like to thank the many people who have helped us to produce accessible documents about the LB Bill.

This overview was put together by Kaliya of People First England with Philipa, Jez, Dan and the Words to Pictures Team at Change, with financial support from Alicia and the Housing and Support Alliance.

LB Bill Timeline and Process

We wanted to share a post that outlines the steps we need to undertake to try and get the LB Bill into law.

September and October 2014


Steve will have a go at writing some words for the LB Bill, including what people have shared with him so far.

14 October 2014 This meeting has been postponed and will not now happen on 14 October but later this year, we will update this post when we have confirmation of the new date.

icon_28970 icon_61476icon_18205

A small group of people involved with LB Bill and JusticeforLB have been invited to a meeting called the All Party Parliamentary Group on Disability.

This is where politicians and people involved in making policy about disability come together.

We will launch our first draft of the LB Bill there. 6 Oct – We will be launching the first draft as soon as we have an easy read version available. It will be available here first.

Some people have asked us how they can give us money to help with the LB Bill campaign. You will be able to do that after 14 October.

We also hope that some newspapers and websites will want to talk to us about the LB Bill.

November and December 2014

icon_3373  icon_13585icon_11579icon_37153

This is when we need people to meet up and discuss what they think of the LB Bill that we have written.

We will provide questions to help your thinking.

You may wish to think alone, or you may wish to meet in a group.

You can talk about the LB Bill anywhere you like, the more people who talk about it the better.


Once you have decided on what you think then you need to let us know what you agree with and what you disagree with.

We will let you know how to tell us, closer to the time.

January 2015


Steve and some helpers will look at everyone’s comments and have another go at writing the LB Bill.

February, March and April 2015

icon_12349 icon_10015icon_4203

At this point we need you to contact your local Member of Parliament (MP).

They represent your views and we need to make sure they know about the LB Bill.

7 May 2015


We all have a vote to choose who should run the country. The votes are collected at the General Election on 7 May 2015.

If someone asks you to vote for them, ask them what they think about LB’s Bill and make sure they know about it.

June 2015


We need as many MPs as we can get to support LB’s Bill. Every MPs name is put into a hat.

Twenty names are pulled out the hat.

If one of those is an MP who supports LB Bill, they can ask to change the law.

Help us

icon_23949 LB_dude square

If we work together we will hopefully be able to change the law, in memory of LB.

You can download the LB Bill Timeline and Process document with this information in, if you wish to share it with other people who are not online.

All icons freely available for public use from The Noun Project website.