First 100 MPs contacted #JusticeforLB #LBBill

What a phenomenal 24 hours in the Justice Shed! Thanks to all of you we now know the first hundred MPs have been informed about/asked to support the #LBBill. LBBillContactedMPs_First100

In true #JusticeforLB fashion we’ve needed to rely on our amazing ‘crowd’ to get to this point and we’re extremely grateful to each and every one of you who has emailed, tweeted, written or messaged their MP.

The Private Members Bill ballot happens in ten days on Thursday 4 June, and we’d like to reach many, many more MPs before then, so if you’ve not had a chance yet please do contact them. We’re hoping to turn the whole map green.

Please still contact your MP even if you’ve seen someone else already has done so; the more they get the message that this is important to their constituents, the greater our chance of change.

Together we can improve things for disabled people, not bad for a bit of bank holiday activism.

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26 thoughts on “First 100 MPs contacted #JusticeforLB #LBBill

  1. Hi

    Just so you know – you’ve missed off North West Cambridgeshire which is Shailesh Vara. I E mailed him last night.

    Kind Regards


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      • It isn’t!! It’s to the right of the 2 highlighted ones and has a little rectangle to it’s left ie Peterborough. Best wishes x


      • According to our map that’s North East Cambridgeshire and NW is on the left of Peterborough and coloured in – I’m not doubting you, just don’t want to mess with the map categories!!! We’ve got his details on the spreadsheet correctly anyhow. Thanks for emailing.


  2. Friends have emailed Alan Johnson, MP for Hull West & Hessle, and David Rutley, MP for Macclesfield, and I have tweeted my own MP, Diane Abbott (Hackney North).

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  3. My friend in Hertford and Stortford has emailed her MP, Mark Prisk (Tory). And my sister emailed her MP, Paul Blomfield, Sheffield Central (Labour).

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  4. emailed MP Ashford Kent ( comment still awaiting moderation ? ) map not looking very green to me , Is there a running total ? Am I looking at the right map.


  5. I have a reply from Harriet Harman:

    Thank you for your email on the ‘Justice for Laughing Boy’ campaign. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with me and to raise this important issue.

    I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you faced accessing suitable support for your brother, and we must work hard to ensure a tragedy such as Connor Sparrowhawk’s death does not happen again.

    Independent living is crucial to ensuring people with disabilities have the same rights, choices and chances as anyone else. That is why we opposed the Government’s plans to close the Independent Living Fund in the absence of a plan for a system of social care that enables people with disabilities to live independently.

    The Government has a responsibility to ensure that people with disabilities have the support they need to enable them to go about their daily life.

    During the committee stages of the Care Act last year, we tabled an amendment which would have acknowledged the right of disabled people to live independently. It was disappointing that the Government chose to vote against this.

    Labour is committed to working with disabled people, their families, carers and local authorities to build a framework that provides a sustainable answer for long-term care and supports the chances of all disabled people having the same rights as anyone else.

    I will continue to work closely with my Shadow Cabinet colleagues to hold the Government to account on this issue.
    Please do keep in touch.

    Best wishes,

    Harriet Harman

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    • Thanks Toaster, great to get a response, and a detailed one – kind of impossible to see where Harriet H actually stands on the #LBBill from it, but sounds optimistic. Thank you again for contacting her, and for sharing the response.


  6. I received a response today and whilst I am not surprised to be signposted to ‘ No voice unheard ‘ by my MP I am slightly shocked that he has included a whole paragraph about Southern Health NHS Trust. He understands they have acknowledged that they failed to undertake the necessary actions required to keep Connor safe,and have apologized unreservedly to Connor’s family. Is everyone getting this sort of comment ?


  7. Julian Smith MP Skipton and Ripon conservative asked to support bill or explain why he does not support it . Received an automated reply that he does not respond to campaigns.


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