Day 12: Twelve Days of Christmas #LBBill

As we come to the end of the #LBBill Twelve Days of Christmas, we wanted to do three things.

Firstly, we wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support and collaboration. It has always been our intention to crowdsource this campaign, to use the skills, knowledge, views and opinions of those who live and breathe this reality on a daily basis. No-one is claiming it’s the easiest approach, and I think its fair to say at times we have questioned why we do this to ourselves! However, it’s authentic and true and amazingly rewarding, not to mention useful, to see everyone contribute, discuss, debate and disagree with us. So, thank you, and please keep doing it into 2015.

We don’t have the resource to reply to all your emails and messages of support, but they are all read and all appreciated so thank you for those too. We can guarantee you that we are reading everything, and all feedback will be considered in early February.

If you’re just coming back to work today and you’ve twelve emails from us, please pace yourselves, you have until the end of the month, but we do really value your opinion and would love to hear from you.

Secondly, we wanted to reiterate the opportunities you have to hear about and discuss the #LBBill face to face in January. There are four and they were all listed on Day 14 of the #JusticeforLB Advent Calendar, so swing over there to find out more (they’re in London x2, Manchester and Leeds).

Thirdly, last but not least, we wanted to share some more responses that we received from families explaining why the #LBBill is important to them:

We are very grateful to those families who shared their thinking. For the purposes of the slideshare we had to heavily edit and just grab a sentence or two, but you can read their complete unabridged reasons here:

Why do we need the #LBBill v2


If you would like to add your voice to the campaign and share why it is important to you, then feel free to email us a photo and reason here. We will feature more people throughout the 2015 campaign.

Thank you all again and hopefully next Christmas we’ll be well on our way to making the world a better, happier and safer place.

2 thoughts on “Day 12: Twelve Days of Christmas #LBBill

  1. I fully support this campaign because it is based on common sense, dignity and justice. Why is this injustice taking so long to be addressed? What is holding commissioners and politicians back? Shouldn’t these people start explaining themselves? I have seen what difference can be made when people are given the right support, in the right environment with dignity ….hospitals are NOT necessary. I have the evidence!

    Please, contact me should you want support, a speaker and campaigner,

    Christine Edwards-Daem CEO


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  2. Sadly, if the Bill does nothing about the vague definition of ‘capacity’, in the Mental Capacity Act, and that the LA assessors are not regulated, paid by LA, and therefore, have a huge conflict of interest in assessing the autistic as incapable, when the LA providers benefit so much by that assessment.
    And/or remove autistics, from this totally subjective, vague, inappropriate capacity definition.

    And remove the scandal of independent away from family living, and reign in the all powerful profit hungry LAs.

    The Bill will be little more, than a useful sinecure.

    It appears from the drafting to serve the government purpose of removing autistics from the MHA, but not the MCA, which is far more draconian.

    The Bill will merely remove autistics from the NHS hospitals, where they are, in any event, being detained indefinitely illegally, so we do not need to change the law, merely enforce existing law.

    To other corporate provision under the MCA, which can then claim a similar weekly figure of 4,000 ( all benefits-DLA, HB, up to 82,000 under Chronically Sick and disabled Act, NHS care ), and ‘education packages’ till 25, for encagement for life in secret . Families and autistic totally at the mercy of the state and privatised monopoly care.

    All unchecked, unaccountable, and in secret, medication enforced, huge pharma kickbacks, all rubber stamped by Court of Protection.

    I do fear this is the main aim of the Bill, as already the MCA provides a court order must be got before all autistics decisions are made for them, but this is merely an inevitable process.

    And i fear this may be all backing government aims and smoke and mirrors.


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