Day 8: Twelve Days of Christmas #LBBill

Day 8 of the #LBBill Twelve Days of Christmas and it’s the first day of 2015, so we thought we’d focus on why the Bill is needed.

A couple of days ago we asked you to share with us your thinking. Today we have a slideshare from four families to explain why the #LBBill is important to them

We are very grateful to those families who shared their thinking. For the purposes of the slideshare we had to heavily edit and just grab a sentence or two, but you can read their complete unabridged reasons here:Screenshot 2015-01-01 13.13.18

If you would like to add your voice to the campaign and share why it is important to you, then feel free to email us a photo and reason here. We will feature more people at the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and throughout the 2015 campaign.

We hope that 2015 proves to be a very successful year for all of you, and especially for the #LBBill. Thanks again for all the support.


One thought on “Day 8: Twelve Days of Christmas #LBBill

  1. I cannot get the link you mention to work. So post here.

    My reason for Bill to be law, is to stop my daughter of 18, being removed by the state into independent living are set out in my blog, which can be read by googling finolamoss, pictures are also shown there.

    She has been badly neglected and abused in state care. And in view of this, I believe the whole reason behind the Mental Capacity Act ,and the deeming of effectively all autistic, incapable, is to use them as cash, and pharma cows.

    This is in breach of theirs, and their families human rights ,and per se wrong, immoral and certainly no in best interests of anyone except the state..


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