Working together and making a film

Today we met with Disabled People’s Organisations to talk about the #LBBill. A film maker, Luke, came too. He is making a short film which can be shown at events to let people know more about the Bill.


These people were at the meeting today:

Andrew Lee – People First (Self Advocacy)
Mike Steel and Mark Williams – Bristol Disability Equality Forum (by Skype)
Simone Aspis – Changing Perspectives
Zeenat Jeewa – Asian People’s Disability Alliance
Joe Whittaker – Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
Henrietta Doyle – Inclusion London
Ellen Clifford – Inclusion London
Grahame Whitfield – Disability Sheffield
Luke – film maker
Steve Broach, Richard Huggins and Sara Ryan – #justiceforLB

We had a good chat about how we could all work together.

We talked about different bits of the Bill.
Luke filmed people talking about the Bill.


Some of the things we talked about:

  • People should be able to choose where they want to live
  • The importance of listening to what people want
  • Respect
  • Accessible information
  • Time to think and make decisions
  • The importance of good advocacy
  • What does  ‘residential’ mean?
  • Concern about residential schools
  • Concern about medication
  • There should be consequences if mistakes are made (accountability)



There was a strong feeling it was the right time for the #LBBill.


We made a plan that Ellen would collect feedback from some organisations.

People will keep sharing information about the Bill.

And talking about it.

We all want the Bill to be the best it can be.


It was a good meeting.

The #LBBill was also talked about at the launch of the Learning Disability Alliance today.

And was in the Housing and Social Alliance conference newspaper.

This is brilliant.

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