300 pledges already #LBBill

Last night we launched the ‘Pledge your support‘ page on the blog.

When I say launched, I mean we stuck it on the blog and shared it and waited to see what would happen.

There are four options, you can pledge as an individual, an organisation, an MP or Parliamentary Candidate, or as Peer.


Since late last night we’ve had over 300 pledges, 290 from individuals, 13 organisations and 1 MP/Parliamentary Candidate – Duncan Enright who has been supporting the #JusticeforLB campaign for some time now.

Please keep pledging and keep sharing the campaign. We will add the names of MPs, Parliamentary Candidates and Peers onto the site once they pledge their support.

We also hope to add individual and organisational names too, we’re just thinking about how best to do that.

Thanks again for the support, let’s make #LBBill happen.


2 thoughts on “300 pledges already #LBBill

  1. To be civilised our society must support all vulnerable people old and young to lead their lives with choice and control – celebrated for what they give us all and the generosity of spirit they inspire. Phil Robbins


  2. We need justice and change in the law about way people with learning disabilities get treated in assessment and treatment units or mental health learning disabilities treatment centres and staff been properly trained and Nhs trust and private companies held in to account and be brought to justice for misconduct for someone’s death misused of standards of care


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