Introducing LBBill to the Department of Health

Today a small number of #JusticeforLB supporters visited the Department of Health (Steve, Sara, Rich, Mark and George).


We met two people, Sarah McClinton and Frances Smethurst, who are responsible for the policies that apply to disabled people.

They were interested in hearing about Connor’s experience and Steven’s experience and the experience of their families in supporting them.

We introduced the #JusticeforLB campaign to them, and talked about our hopes for the #LBBill.

Afterwards we recorded a short film to share with you all.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 4 November, we will share the first draft version of the LBBill and are really looking forward to your feedback, thoughts and comments.

6 thoughts on “Introducing LBBill to the Department of Health

  1. Just incredible. I’m so excited at the thought of this Bill being law one day. You utterly decent, incredible people who following the despicable things that happened to you and your loved ones use your strength to make it better for all of us.


  2. Great stuff, well done! Just one thing though – I notice you don’t say anything about what the DoH officials said to you in the meeting – that’s what I was waiting for in the video!! I’m guessing the officials didn’t want to be “on the record”….


    • Hi Jane, they had invited us to speak with them, so to be honest we did most of the talking!! They were interested in our ideas about the limitations of current legislation and it’s implementation/use, and how we thought the #LBBill would address it. We have asked them to lend their support and/or comment on the Bill if they can – and Norman Lamb is speaking to BBC Oxford Radio this evening, so we’ll see what he has to say!!


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